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Originally Posted by gahammerle View Post
I might be interested in a group buy. Still up in the air on my next upgrade: brakes, suspension, or wheels/tires.
Foundation, foundation and foundation.

The CTS-V brake upgrade is awesome. It puts much higher loads on the OE hydraulically filled radius bushes. The hydraulic bush is there to minimise NVH and not performance. What back when, GM was building a Camaro GS race car prototype that showed at SEMA 2009.

Before they did intense track testing, GM asked Pedders to build a set of urethane radius bushes. They did not want to overload the hydraulically filled bushes with a highly modified car. As you upgrade your Camaro you always want to maintain balance between components. With a big brake kit we should be installing either the full replacement urethane bus (EP6577) or the small snubber (EP6578) or the large snubber (EP6579). All three will reduce movement under braking loads and all three will reduce caster changes under all driving conditions.

The harder you drive with your new CTS-V brakes, the more benefit you'll derive from sub-frame inserts or bushes. Sub-frame and radius bush inserts are the foundation of ALL 5th Gen modifications. With your foundation ins place your CTS-V brake upgrade will perform better.
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