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If you drive you CTS-V brake equipped Camaro exactly the same as you drive your bone stock Camaro there will be no additional load and Chris-B would be correct. Most people, including GM with their GS project, modify their Camaros to increase the level of performance and drive them harder. As I have written hundreds of times, keeping your car in balance is mission critical. We recommend inserts or bush radius bush replacement for a bone stock Camaro. The recommendation becomes stronger with the CTS-V upgrade because you will be pushing the car and all the components harder.

The GS is running on 18 slicks. It is a purpose built race car. The performance of the GS is ridiculous. The full bush is a purely Pedders design. The design for the snubbers (EP6578 and EP6579) came directly out the the GS program. They were intended for GM use until there were changes at GM racing. Check out the video to see how the rubber of the radius bush slides into the steel sleeve. The concern with more intense track use is the fluid will leak and or the rubber will slide out. To be clear this is not a concern in daily driving or with the 5th Gen in stock trim.

Aside from track concerns, the hydraulic design of the radius bush, the compression in daily driving, allows a wider range of caster changes than desired. With or without the brake upgrade, the EP6578 snubber is in order. A pad change to Cobalt friction XR1 front and XR3 rear makes a significant difference in braking performance. Brembo offers a GMPP two piece rotor for the front of the CTS-V which fits perfectly on the Camaro with the CTS-V front caliper. Combine the two piece rotors with Cobalt friction pads, the CTS-V front calipers and either the EP6579 full face insert or EP6577 full bush and you have a RIDICULOUS braking package.

Note: Pedders USA, LLC has no financial interest in the CTS-V upgrade. We provided the information in the thread for the benefit of the Camaro5 community. Pedders USA, LLC has no financial interest in Brembo or Cobalt Friction although we do use their products at our own expense.
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