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folks, i just realised a gotchya about using ctsv rear calipers on the G8 and camaro. i have 2011 black diamond editions

so on the ctsv the calipers are mounted on the front of the axel centerline, whereas on the g8 they are to the rear of the centerline. this simple rotation of 90 degrees backwards means the small/large piston order changes, meaning the smaller piston that is meant to apply pressure to the pad "first" is now last. i dont know how critical this is but you may be able to swap the pistons around easily enough before installing them if the piston bores are the same. because the camaro caliper location is the same as g8 you wont find this issue if retrofitting camaro calipers on the g8. i might take mine to a brake specialist for advice as i am fitting to a g8.
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