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Ok guys...

I got tired of having the light emitting more/less in certain areas and tried the rubber spacer method. No go. I had tiny shadows and the light tube wouldn't always get where I wanted it. Finally got tired of it and got some weather stripping. Hey, at $3.00 for a pack, it's worth the try, right?



Correct. The weather stripping method worked. It forces the insert to lay even all the way across teh dash, just like the insert is a single long piece. The attachments push and pull on certain parts, but the stripping actually creates a more even look.

For ANY of you doing this mod, you really have to give this method a go. I think Lupe hit the nail on the head. If you want even light with no sanding, you must buy weather stripping.

Forgot to say what size...I'll go look and post in a few.
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