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Originally Posted by HP Turbine View Post
So the start of this build had some snags and is moving a bit slow. This gave me a lot of time to about additional upgrades. I've been thinking about the strength of the stock torque converter. I'm thinking it would be easier to get a stronger billet and stall converter put in before stuffing two turbos around the tranny. I know I would get gains with a stall converter.
So would the stock TC fail from the extra power?
Is the TC even the weak link in the 6L50 and I have worse things to worry about?
I've put my 6L50 through a beating and it's still ticking. We are working on getting a multi-disk converter created. It will take a while, but I think that's the route to go. Not being able to lock up the single disk is going to kill the top end for us. We really need to be able to lock in 4th gear if we can.

I still think the weakest links are the hyper-crap pistons and the differential on the autos. The axles we got are toothpicks. Yes, the autos are easier on the drivetrain than a manual, but still those axles scared me when I compared them to what's on the SS.

That probably doesn't help much, does it? I guess I would suggest waitning on the torque converter until we have some more options. In the mean time, try to pick up a used differential, axles, hubs and driveshaft from a M6 SS. You can usually pick them up for less than $1K and get it installed for about $200 (or do it yourself).
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