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Magnuson TVS 2300 purchase!

Hey guys,

I just purchased a new Magnuson (or "Maggie" as you guys call it) TVS 2300 and I am really excited! I've wanted one forever and I finally pulled the trigger. NICE!!!

The reason for the post was to ask some advice on fuel injectors and BAP requirements with my current set-up. I already have LT headers, high-flow cats, Borla S-type axle back and a SCT tuner from Jannetty. I'm well aware that Ted will need to upgrade my tune, but looking for advice on anything that I might be missing? This blower should give me plenty of room to grow, but to be honest, I "think" I will be more than happy with the additional 120HP(?) that she should generate in "stock" form! Who knows? I really don't want to go crazy with HUGE injectors since I really think this will be all I need for quite a while. Not looking to make her a beast, just a killer street car, with the occasional drag strip thrown in for fun.

Any advice is much appreciated. There's NO WAY I'm going to sleep tonight anyways! HA!!!! I fell like a little kid at Christmas.

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