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Dealership- Champion Chevrolet Johnson City, Tn
Well my car turned over 15,000 miles and a couple weeks ago I noticed that rubber piece had started poking out again like it did a year ago.
I took it in a to Champion and I am amazed at what the dealer has done. First they sent me to the top shop that does all their convertible top repairs. He examined my top, watched it go up and down a few times and took some measurements. He told me the top frame was skewed like it was bent. Not the 5th bow but the frame itself. He called the dealer and recommended the entire top and frame be replaced. I went back to the dealership and they said the area service rep would have to look at it first before anything could be done. I was remembering all the problems people on here have had getting anything replaced much less the entire top and frame. So I was preparing for a fight. Well I got a call from my dealer last Monday, the area service rep Called and approved the replacement without even looking at the car. Needless to say I am shocked.
So now I am waiting for the new top and frame to come in....
Champion Chevrolet in Johnson City Tennessee are a great bunch to work with!
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