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So if I understand it correctly, the Tonneau cover is not built-in and has to be manually added and removed!?!?!?!?

Doesn't this defeat the point of having a powered convertible top!?!? I mean, if I have to get out of the car and remove the Tonneau in order to put the top up, that seems ridiculous!?!?!?!? From a design perspective, it is like fighting to pass and run the ball down to the 1 yard-line and just stopping!?!?!?

Or even better, it is like having a screen door for the front door of your house that you have to remove manually and put it back in place every time you want to walk through the front door. I hope that with the next generation of the Camaro coupe and convertible that Chevy realizes they have a world-class car that can and should be competing with BMW and Mercedes.

That being said, I think the Camaro Convertible is the best looking car I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!! It is soooooo coooooool and I can't wait to get one!!!!!!!!!


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