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Originally Posted by bobby35ny View Post
If thats the case, what will the South Florida SUN do to the dashboard?

Originally Posted by 1_2Many View Post
I don't buy the heat issue excuse. I mean, how hot does a car interior get with the windows up on a scorching day in Nevada? 140..150 degrees easy? LED's do not produce that much heat especially when used in conjunction with fiber optics where the light is simply spread from one source evenly.

If light bulbs caused dashboards to warp then we'd all have some jacked up gauge clusters to stare at all day.

Besides...we cannot forget the Dubai car. However that was working there seemed damn fine to me.

Me thinks this is more likely a cost cutting procedure.
If my dash get's jacked because of heat, I'll be pissed. And for that reason, I'm thinking that this is not the reason they pulled ABL. If it was heat, why would the doors be any different? Aren't they the same material? Until we get a reason otherwise, it's +1 for the bean counters.
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