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Originally Posted by camaro5 View Post
CAGS only looks at TPS, RPM, coolant temp, maybe a few other parameters, and then energizes the blocking solenoid to block 2nd and 3rd gears.
That was my first thought, and it's possible as long as someone who changes their gear ratios (say, putting in a shorter rear end) disables CAGS (which they surely would)...else they could get stuck in 2nd gear.

I wonder if CAGS also watches the clutch sensor, and you could avoid it by clutchlessly shifting or fooling the clutch sensor.

I'm not sure if the PCM knows what gear it's in, but even if it did, tapping into that data would be difficult or impossible.
It would have to, or else you could get stuck in 2nd. What if you do a 2nd gear launch and CAGS engages the solenoid to prevent you from shifting into 2nd...

My thought was that if there was a shifter position sensor, you wouldn't tap into the computer's data; you would just tap the sensor itself. Don't forget, every sensor has to get its analog signal to the computer before it becomes digital data.

Of course, if we install it ourselves, we just leave mr. sensor out. But, that could turn into a nightmare...idk
I suspect that an insurance claim would be denied if your negligent installation allowed the remote starter to move the car and damage something (or, God forbid, hurt someone). There is another way, though. I've heard of remote starters that won't start the car unless, when you exited the car, you left it running and remotely shut it off.
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