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Transformers Car Club of Mississippi
Car show clubs featuring Transformers Cars, Trucks and assorted vehicles in Jackson Mississippi and surrounding areas
Show cars in a different way . Show up as a Club with Dramatic entrances. Use precision driving when possible to shine light on the club. That doesnt mean to peal out everywhere you go. Looking for something middle of the road from zzzzzzzz car shows to high speed hot dogs. Sanity is the key.
I don't want to limit this club to just the Movie Cars or Just the Cartoon cars. This is for anyone that desire to trick out, customize or just create a car that stands out in one way or another. Create a personality for your car, and enjoy showing it. I've been to a few car show recently in the local area and although they are fun I've notice way to much politics and didn't really like the way that the voting was done. anyone that comes to a car show in my opinion sure be allowed to vote. That's why we are here, if you want to trick out your ride and crank up the jams do it just remember kids will be at the shows KEEP IT CLEAN.
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