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Originally Posted by craigk777 View Post
If the only difference in the MAF connector on the tube, Why won't you sell just the new tube to us guys that have or might move from the 2011 V6 to a 2012+???
Great question. We really do not like selling individual components, and here is why:

Everything we make is in large batches, done using CNC programs that are pre-written for grouping, and we make the same amount of parts to go together to match up complete CAI kits. For example we run pre designed programs and proccesses for 100 boxes, 100 lids, 100 tubes, 100 Installation packets, and 100 of each individual component that makes those larger items. For instance the lid alone needs 100 pieces of edge trim cut, 100 lids cut on the CNC, 100 pieces of glass cut and taped, 300 spring loaded fasteners assembled, etc. etc. Everything is done in an organized and planned approach to meet cetain productions schedules based off of pre-determined sales forecasts.

For us to to just a single tube, requires a different program, a completely seperate source of paperwork that follows it through the manufacturing process, and so on. Obviously as anyone can see, this takes more time, costs more money, and interupts our standard flow of proccess.

Additionally, we changed our coating and the color a few months ago, so if you had a V6 system in silver or black, it will no longer match what we are producing now in "Near Chrome" and in "Textured Black". So essentially you would be paying more per piece for the individual component, waiting longer to get it than a new system, and it will not even match the rest of what you have.

That being said, we can sell you a seperate tube (with you providing proof of your original order) but it typically costs more and has an extended lead time than what some feel it is worth. Therefore what most people do is buy a new kit, and sell their old kit, the difference often comes out in your favor costing you less time and money.

Unfortunately its not quite as simple as walking out to the plant and picking up a tube we have laying around and shipping it out, if that was the case I would gladly do it for you. Our manufacturing proccess and inventory management is far more complex than that, which allows us to produce more CAI's for a reasonable cost, doing 1 piece here and 1 piece there passed us up a long time ago due to the high demand that we are expected to meet in a timely fashion with our dealers and customers.

I hope that better explains our methods and why it is often an easier and less expensice option for you to sell your old kit and upgrade to the new one as opposed to just swapping out your tube.
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