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A few PM's have been sent to me with the same 2 qeuestions so I have added the information into my original post as well as address them here:

Q: When you say your CAI will not throw a CEL, what does CEL mean?
A: CEL stands for "Check Engine Light", you will often hear the phrase "throwing a code" which can have the same meaning. Basically our CAI will not cause your dasboard to light up with any warning lights suggesting that there is a problem. There are some CAI's out there that will cause CEL's to be thrown, our CAI is designed properly so that does not happen.

Q: Will your CAI void my vehicles warranty?
A: No, our CAI can not and will not void your vehicles warranty. It is a federal law known as the Magnuson Moss Act, which protects the consumer from having there vehicles factory warranty voided due to the installation or use of aftermarket parts. The dealer does not have to warranty your aftermarket part or and damage caused by that part (in our case we have never had a single warranty issue and have sold thousands of Camaro systems), but the vehicles warranty remains intact and uneffected.
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