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I Just Had This Problem!

This past weekend I opened my trunk and heard what sounded like a nut rolling around inside my trunk lid.

So I just read this post and decided to pop off the little plastic covers.

Three of the nuts were so loose that I was able to slip a 10mm socket over them and tighten them by hand before snugging them down.

One of the nuts was off completely. So I tried for about half an hour to fish it out with a very strong magnet (with a thick plastic bag around it). I was able to find the nut, but was never quite able to fish it all the way out.

So I put the magnet on the inside of the trunk lid and took my Camaro for a spin, hoping the nut would be jarred around and would be stuck to the magnet when I got home. But that didn't work...

So I parked on the steep incline of my driveway, popped the trunk a few times, and "slammed" it a few times. It eventually worked it's way back to the holes where the bolts are and fell out when I opened the trunk the final time.

Tightened everything down and put the covers back on.

This is a really sh*tty thing to have happen to your brand new car. I dreaded taking it back to the dealer to fish out the nut... then getting the car back with a brand new nut on the bolt, and the old one tumbling around inside the trunk lid.
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