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Thanks, USMCJLP!

I spent the afternoon in the car, I had to go to a custom exhaust shop to get my ARH-Magnaflow system finished and get a custom bent piece put in between them. The shop was an hour each way. So as im driving the car... I really got a chance to play around and see what I could figure out... Here's the conclusion I came to.

All of the things that I noticed stem from the same problem (I believe). I noticed a good amount of play in the steering from center. Going 60 miles an hour, I can very quickly "jiggle" the steering wheel left and right about 2 or 2.5 inches in each direction and get pretty much ZERO response from the suspension or front wheels. When I move the steering wheel about 3 inches left to right very quickly, I can start feeling the suspension and steering move... body roll in each respective direction, car moving in the lane, etc etc. But not as much as my brain tells me that the car SHOULD be moving based on how much im jostling the steering wheel.

Now during normal driving, when Im just happily driving down the road, I can feel certain road conditions affect the front suspension, and when it does, it makes the car turn slightly... which is not unheard of.... but what was throwing an alarm in my head of something not being right, is that I could feel the car moving (turning slightly due to the bump), but I couldnt feel any input in the steering wheel at all.

So I think that's another aspect of the same problem. The steering wheel doesnt feel like I have "slop" at all. There's no "dead spot" where I feel I have no connection to the steering rack. The steering wheel feel is consistent throught a 360 degree turn. It's just when im at center, it seems there's a noticeable gap from where im turning the wheel and when the front tires respond.

Im definitely taking the car in to be checked out, but im just curious if that sounds more like what you guys have noticed.... And if not, what could possibly cause something like that?? I really dont think it could be steering rack, or steering knuckle related... Because like I said, there's no "slop" in the steering per-say. Can a loose ball joint or loose endlink cause this kind of problem?

Thanks in advance for the help! And thanks again USMCJLP for the response!

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