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me also

my stearing was very vauge on center felt very nervous unlike my 95 vette or the wifes monte ss which are very tight and go down the road with out having to play with the stearing much. i had work done on the wifes 02 monte at 90000 miles and a alignment done and the car drove like the camaro. looked at the print out of the alignment and he had it in specs but the front and rear were toed out. i told him about how it was driving and i wanted it toed back in as before, drives great again. so on the camaro i toed the front and rear 1/6" and drives much better. before the wind off of semi trucks would make it move around a little not any more turn in might be a little slower but i am much happier. tire wear yet to be seen. i used two jack stands and string method to set toe i am thinking about having it aligned to the vette specs and will most likely do so after pfat sway bars in the next month. also when getting on the throttle the front end does not feel light any more.
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