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Are you getting any noise from the suspension? You can put the vehicle on a rack and check for any loose fittings or signs of rubbing or unusual wear around the joints. I know in my vehicle it took two techs with some very large pry bars to get the factory bushings loose. The car was extremely tight. What's the current mileage? Have you ever hit something that makes you doubt the suspension? I'm sure you've already thought of these things.

I would speak to or pm JusticePete, Mike at DMS, or Jordan at Pfadt racing. I chose Pedders because of the chance for Pete to work on my car and the multiple recommendations I received. But I spoke with Pedders, Pfadt Racing, and Detroit Speed before deciding. All of these people have many hours driving the vehicle. They had several things in common but somewhat different approaches. All agreed that the factory suspension was too soft for the power level of the vehicle.

I will tell you what they recommended to me, but please contact them directly. They are much more knowledgeable than I am. Both Pedders and Pfadt feel the subframe bushings need to be upgraded immediately. They offer the most bang for the buck. I can say that on launch the rear end tends to want to wallow a bit. The factory bushings are very soft and have a very narrow ring that actually contacts the subframe. I was able to deflect it with my thumb. The urethane bushings are not only harder they have a much larger surface area. Both agreed on the body roll issue. Pfadt recommended their sway bars first before coilovers. Pedders recommended coilovers then sway bars. So they end up in a similar setup. I do like that the coilover tension is easily adjustable so if you are not happy with the ride you can always change it without much effort or more money spent. I lowered mine about 2 1/2 inches and the ride is awesome. I also have the splash guards. I drove around Detroit looking for potholes and have never bottomed out or scraped. Alignment racks take some work though, just the curb feeler. A couple of long boards solved it though. Pete's car sits so low that I could barely fit 3 fingers underneath it and he never bottomed out either. Trust me, he drives it like he stole it. He loves to have fun with that thing. All I can say is that when he turns the dumps on watch out.
I have about 650 miles on the new suspension. I hope this helps. I will pm you when I finally get my thread up.
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