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Originally Posted by MerlinZero View Post
I'm in the same boat man, I'm looking at an '06 Z06 or ordering the Camaro. Price doesnt really come into it. I just am trying to figure out which way it goes.

I think the deciding factor is going to be if, or if not i can get the 427 block in the camaro from factory. if not, i think i'll end up getting a vette.

the other thing i've looked at is, what the cars actually mean.....See i think... again think i want a Muscle car.... in which case i'm all for the Camaro... the Camaro is a muscle car hands down. no questions asked.

Where the Vette I see as more of a hyper car. its the top end......

So the question back to you, what are you looking to compete with? Mustangs/Challengers or Porsches/Maseratis?
i think that is a pretty tall order to ask for from the factory, as there isnt any way it would be available you could look at a crate swap. the ls7 uses the same ECU so it would be a direct drop in, and you can sell your ls3, there is definately a market for it. if your not down for that you may have to look else where. becacsue the ls7 is on its way out and it. also the more engine options you offer from the factory the more it costs them in overhead and factory space as they have to have more engines beside the line to put into the car as well as the low production numbers involved with making the ls7 make it hard for it to be offered because they would not be able to keep up with possible demand. only way to stem the tide of ls7 orders would be a much higher price tag (higher then the difference in the engine cost).

tl:dr It wont come from the factory with a ls7
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