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Well it depends on what you are looking for. Granted my opinion is biased....but I am buying my wife a Camaro as soon as it comes out. That being said, the Corvette is in a completely different league. Now in fairness I haven't driven the Camaro, and I haven't even driven a standard C6 Corvette. I have only the Z06 to reference. I can tell you this, I love this car more each time I get in it. For those of you begging for a 500+hp Camaro, trust me when I say, a 500+hp car is a beast, granted my car only weighs about 3200 lbs. The Z06 offers more road noise, engine noise, and a bit rougher ride then a standard Corvette, that being said, it is truly a supercar, and we should be happy to have cup holders. The point is, if you are more interested in comfort, and then performance, the standard vette is the way to go. If performance and looks is your goal, then the Z06 wins hands down. Now I realize you asked about Corvette or Camaro. I can tell you that either will be a great choice, but I would be careful to compare them to close to each other. They are different cars for a different market. A side benefit to the Corvette is better gas mileage and better performance. I think even the stock Corvette will beat the SS Camaro. They both have hte same hp, but the Vette weighs quite a bit less. If you wife wants the Corvette, then get the vette, then when the Camaro comes out, get one of those as well

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