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"On Call GTG" list...

I have a list of people that I SMS Text for impromptu gtg's and cruises, such as the Wed evening cruise out in Markham.

If you'd like to be on this list, please PM me your cell number and I will add it to the list. Keep in mind that this is mostly for mini gtg's and cruises, nothing too big and mostly local as well. Local is Toronto/GTA.

From the Camaro 5 forum, I have:
Joe (Asylum)
Ken (Kenny)

And from the Corvette Forum, I have:
Alex (75Stingray)
Corrado (Corrado)
Eshel (TurboS)
Frank (Squalo)
Jack (Hyejack)
Jack (VetFever)
Jason (Swift Striker)
Jeff (Use2bl8)
Joe (SickVette)
Jon (Jon04CTSV)
Mark (Cdn_wolf_eh)
Mark (Obseshon Mark)
Mick (Mickman)
Mike (Mike Jung)
Paul (Baby Blue)
Pierre (SilverSurferC6)
Ray (FFIN90)
Rick (Nocrisis)
Rob (Rob01C5)
Steve (3xvette)
Tim (Slowpoke)

Just to reiterate for everyone. Most gtg/cruises will be posted on the forum(s), like the HDR's and what not. This list is more for the last minute, it's a nice day/night out if you have nothing to do and want to get out for a gtg which also usually get posted on the forum(s) last minute but by the time people see it, it's kinda too late if you know what I mean group. Will most likely be used sparingly.

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