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DO NOT give specific order/vin info on the site if getting a tune!

"Also you may (or someone else may) want to post that these people posting about "undetectable tunes" and how bad they want them for their cars ect REALLY shouldn't be posting their order #'s VIN #'s ect... GM monitors the hell out of this site and its hilarious to see people posting that with all their personal info right there"

Just lookin out for the members
This is coming from someone who has pretty good knowledge of the workings at GM.

If you want and get a tune, for the love of _____, remember that I can easily read your other posts, find that post with your order number or your vin, run the info (if I worked for GM), see the tune, and VOID your warranty. It's VERY easy to do if someone from the GM warranty dept IF they wanted to do it. It would not surprise me if they did. After all, it saves GM big bucks if they can avoid spending upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars in warranty claims that aren't the fault of the manufacturer.

Guys. If you want to get a tune and don't care about your warranty, go for it. You have nothing to lose.

If you want a tune and do NOT want GM to know about it, use your head and don't post up that you got one on the site.... That's just called common sense. That goes for the "undetectable tunes" as well....since we all know that NO tuner will warranty their undetectable tune....which they claim GM won't be able to see. If they can't see it....why not warranty the tune?


Anyway...that's all I have to say about that.

I've been asked to warn ya'll about posting your tune info on the boards. I'm doing this for the good of the member.

And for those who are curious?, I don't have a tune. No, I'm not getting a tune. Not until AFTER my warranty expires.
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