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Originally Posted by rray200 View Post
I went in to a local Chev dealer today here in town where I heard they had a black 2LT and went in to check it out. They only have one V6 in the showroom and even though I want to get an SS, I just went in to see it up close in person. No offense to anyone who has a black one, but I think black does not do this car's killer lines justice. I think the lighter colours like silver, IOM, Yellow and Red accentuate the great shape of this car better.

The one thing I didn't like was the excessive orange peel in the paint. It might be just this particular Camaro, but the orange peel was a bit excessive in the black paint of the one I sat in today. Have others here noticed the Orange peel in the paint being a bit much?
all cars have orange peel now-a-days. It's mostly because of the waterbased paints that are used.
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