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Originally Posted by BlaqWhole View Post
If it was all about being faster then why even offer a V6-1LE or SS-1LE?? If they offered it with the A10, then (according to RP) the only car that could touch it or beat it would be the ZL1-1LE with the M6. So those statements are nonsense. Plus just because RP thinks he is better with the M6 trans does not mean that everyone on the planet would feel the same way. Me personally, I would rather let the computer select the gear and then I can just concentrate on the track or the road. If I come in even a full 3 seconds behind someone with a the M6 trans then that's fine with me. Who's to say I won't beat someone else who has the M6 trans. To me the whole "getting to the roots of performance" argument is getting more illogical and harder to justify. I'd rather hear them say it was to keep the costs within a certain range than tell me some BS story about performance. Plus...GTR.
It's just about putting a true "sports car" together. I wouldn't think there is any financial reason GM couldn't put an A10 in the 1LE, they just didn't want to because it sort of goes against what they believe the car is supposed to be - which is a driver focused track car. The A10 could very well be faster in all situations, but as you said, it isn't always about going faster.

Most (not all) people that want the ZL1 1LE will want the M6, because it offers the purest driving experience of the two. If a buyer strongly prefers the A10, then by GM's logic, they should just get the standard ZL1. I don't really care what they do either way, but I do appreciate that GM makes a track oriented car that is only available with a manual.
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