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Hi Kronix the LLT is the engine that I have in my car and lol Ive seen your build many times I love the new wheels that you have I was just kinda lurking so I havent commented but I will. I let my dealership send the car off to get it worked on im sure they made the leather and then wrapped it all in all it was just over 1500 for the leather. Any other parts other than the seats were made custom by an uphostelry shop in Austin. I really wanted to do the head rests but ran out of money at the time.

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Those Kilis are a heavy wheel, especially the 22", I dropped close to 100lbs by going with the 20" Nurburgrings.

So can you tell me about the Katzin interior. Do you just remove the standard coverings and work the new one on? Did you do it or have a shop do it? I know there's plenty of interior shops here in LA, I see them everywhere, just wanted to know if you did the seats and the difficulty level. How come you didn't do the headrests?

I guess you haven't seen my build thread, everything gets posted up, 100s of pics LOL! Just click my sig. I think you'll be impressed.

EDIT: Excuse my ignorance, but what is LLT?
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