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Just for the record, GM had a really good reason for bringing the Camaro to that 2006 NAIAS so long ago. The minute I heard it I accepted it, and thought, "I would have done the same thing."

Damn problem is I can't remember what that reason was now:p. Hopefully during one of Fbodfather's visits here, he can iron that little reason out for us.

Yeah, 3 years is a little while...but to be fair - Camaro enthusiasts have been waiting since 2002. Just swallow your doubts, and 'keep the faith'. This car is going to blow the doors off of anything in it's segment. You watch - you'll see.

btw...focusing on V8 only would be a big 'whoops'. Because they aren't going to sell at least 100,000 Camaros if the V6's in them are crap. In any event, rest assured that they are sweating the details more than you can imagine. Both V8 and V6 equally. Hell, they're even listening to exaust notes from different cars to get the Camaro's right!! :eek:
"Keep the faith." - Fbodfather
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