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I found a 68 convertible SS yellow with black top. I dont remember much more about it since it was 1988 or 89. Well it was 30k or 40k original miles, owner wanted 4500 in the add. Well being a kid at the time and all the good stuff. I let it slip away. I know this is a bit off topic. Maybe I should start a thread about the one that got away. It could have been a 130k or the all true I will never know. :bangdesk: But I will have my 5th generation. My sister had a 86 z28 blue with ttops. I loved driving that car. I always took care it for her being the good little brother that I am. Well one day driving back from getting it cleaned. I was crossing the road and someone smacked the rear right side basicall where the tire was. The car didnt drive right since. She traded it in after not to long after it was fixed. :(
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