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Originally Posted by unkbd View Post
I agree.....however the higher the piston compression ratio the higher octane fuel you ought to use. I know that if I use less than 97 octane in the vette there is alot of pinging going on under the hood. Granted it is not the stock motor under there and the idle may be set a little low. It just runs better on the higher octane stuff. Runs superb on 107.
Very true. I just mean to point out to people driving stock Civics, Cobalts, and Ford Rangers that putting 93 in won't make it go faster. I've actually got plans to stroke the 4.0L I6 in my Wrangler out to 4.5L, then bore it .030 over for a grand total of 4.6L. When I was in the shop discussing lift plans, we got to the topic of engines. One guy insisted that the octane is determined by the displacement. I kept trying to tell him that it was based on compression ratio, but eventually I gave up.
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