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Hey guys...just got home too.

Boston Acoustics was REALLY impressive. I turned it up and again, was impressed. My wife really liked it too and said it sounded great. That means a lot coming from her. This is why I always wanted BA for the sound system. GM kicked @ss and listened on this one!

Throttle response really is AWESOME in the auto...I mean....woah!

Ambient lighting was working in the SS's. During the day, you can't see it. At night, it's a soft glow. You had to cup your hands around or put something above the light to create a shadow in order to see the light. It did look GOOD! ABL won't be available on the first year run, but the team is still working on the issue with the dash to have it available for the next year run. They also realize that first year buyers will want to upgrade/retrofit their ABL to have it installed in the dash....they are working on making this transition possible for first year buyers.

I was very impressed with the cars at the show. Even through I got to drive Dons yellow SS here in San Antonio last month, I must say....... That OM 2SS was a HUGE refreshment!!!

ON another note.....

At first sight (and on a Solstice), I didn't really like the Inferno Orange Metallic. Now? I LOVE IT. IT IS FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!! All you guys who think it's a color that is just a bit off REALLY need to see it IN PERSON on the Camaro. Holy.....
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