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Originally Posted by Corine View Post
Update: Spoke with the dealer and told them all of the issues that other Camaro owners were having and the possible resolutions. They basically told me if the error doesn't happen in front of them then there is nothing they can do. They also told me that there is no data-logging software/hardware that can be installed to assist with the diagnosis. They're pretty much telling me to come and get the car since they're done with it.

[edit] Data loggers

Data loggers are designed to capture vehicle data while the vehicle is in normal operation, for later analysis.
Data logging uses include:
  • Engine and vehicle monitoring under normal operation, for the purpose of diagnosis or tuning.
  • Some US auto insurance companies offer reduced premiums if OBD-II vehicle data loggers[16][17] or cameras[18] are installed - and if the driver's behaviour meets requirements. This is a form of auto insurance risk selection
  • Monitoring of driver behaviour by fleet vehicle operators.
Analysis of vehicle black box data may be performed on a periodic basis, automatically transmitted wirelessly to a third party or retrieved for forensic analysis after an event such as an accident, traffic infringement or mechanical fault.

I would start calling/checking with other dealers and call GM hotline
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