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Originally Posted by bluebeastsrt View Post
You keep talking about boost pressure but it's the amount of air a turbo can supply which is more important than how much pressure it'll make. For example. I had a SRT-4 that came stock with a Tdo4 turbo. It was capable of moving 32 pounds of air per minute MAX in stock configuration. It didn't matter if it was at 18 PSI or 20 PSI. It was only going to flow 32 PPM. because of compressor wheel size, turbine wheel size, etc. I then up graded to a Tdo5 that was capable of flowing 38 pounds per minute of air. The TDo4 turbo was capable of 300whp max on the 2.4 liter SRT-4 motor with supporting mods. The Tdo5 was capable of 400whp. Both turbos were capable of making 20 pounds of boost. Think about this. Would you rather have the tiny turbo off a Mini Cooper making 20 pounds of boost or a much larger turbo only making 10 PSI but flowing twice as much air?
And that is what I was saying...just in a different way. My bad on the confusion.

Originally Posted by GretchenGotGrowl View Post
Look at his posts after that and I think you will see the point he was trying to make.
Thanks dude. Again, my bad...
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