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Originally Posted by christianchevell View Post
As our cars are all painted assembly line by robots it appears you had a hydraulic hose spray your car between the coats from a high pressure leak............that's my theory. Good luck, I would get a new car ..........or a total repaint asap.
Originally Posted by redsled View Post
are there hydraulics in a paint line?
Yes I imagine the paint robots do. As mentioned earlier in the thread, since the discolorations on the car also appear on his rear bumper and on the mirrors, whatever caused it happened after the car was painted and assembled. The bumpers and mirrors are painted by the respective vendor at a different time and location.

Congratulations on the resolution! Maybe they should wrap them for shipping like the C7 Stingrays!

Originally Posted by dkp2LT View Post
Glad it worked out! Sure it was stressful but good to hear that GM/Dealership did the right thing.

Will the current one have a branded title? Just wondering if the next buyer will get this issue disclosed & then the price adjusted for it. I picture a quick paint job & placed out on some lot somewhere...
Do a good paint job in Kinetic Blue and I bet they could move it off the lot!!!
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