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Originally Posted by Casperadub70 View Post
BIG UPDATE: Just got off the phone with the Dealership. They are ordering me a new car tomorrow.
Should take 5-6 weeks to arrive. Unless they can hurry the order.
Im extremely happy that they are doing the right thing. Even though this has caused me some issues with my faith in Chevy i do believe it will come back as strong as it was.
Lets just pray that it will arrive clean and issue free.
Congratulations Casperadub70! I am very glad this worked out just as it should have in the beginning!

What made them change their minds? Did your legal have to get involved/speak to them? Did the Better Business Bureau (BBB) speak to them? Or was it just from your persistence?

Anyway Enjoy your new Camaro!

P.S. If I were you I would take it to the dealership and let them keep it. I would not drive it any further. Then nothing could happen to it that might complicate things.
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