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Originally Posted by Evil-Bee-NH View Post
sorry I got waylaid into not being able to go. Might have been able to help a little with this. I think your right I saw a little of that at CF8 but still plenty of time for T&T. I think though they do a great job of defining classes there needs to be a more set boundary, people aren't dumb even though they like to play dumb to sneak into classes they'll dominate using excuses or stupid questions. I think the V6 split was a success even though I wasn't there and haven't seen the results yet. I4 class was a bit weird I heard only 2 or 3 guys 2 being from the same shop and not doing finals. I won't be back til CF10 gotta save to buy a house but I am more then willing to sit down at this computer and talk with mlee and merc about cleaning the drag racing up some. That being said the grudge race call-out thing was a great idea that I dropped the ball on when I got way to busy playing damage control "IRL" to help organize at least. We'll need to discuss this prior to CF9 and see if you guys can band together to make it happen somehow. The biggest problem I see is communication between drag racers everyone kinda does the same thing someone else complained about with groups and not a lot of intermingling with everyone. Shit last year we had a congratulations get together at the bar and only 3 or 4 of us went...

Communication is always a challenge at any large event, and trying to find ways to help that is a struggle. Maybe a drivers meeting after the Meet N Greet at the hotel to answer questions there. Maybe review the goals, times, brackets in that meeting. Things are going to happen to move things around, like the accident that happened on Friday that set things back. But we do the best we can and keep moving.

Another challenge will be having so many different classes if we ADD MORE, you potentially won't have enough entries to make it worth it for each class. Stock, Mod, Super Mod, Super Duper Mod, Super Mod with a Catch Can, etc. Heck, just say if you run 10's you are in this class. Make the class by Times and not Modifications. If you run outside of your times, there is a disqualification.

I would rather see two cars running 9's, than one running low 9's and one running low 10's, but in the same class. I was unlimited, running 13's and I was to line up with cars running 9.1... bwahahahaha, seriously. But for me, just running is having fun, so it would not of bothered me.

Would that work? or are there too many people saying "That won't work because it makes sense" This way, you don't have to worry about tires, mods, engine sizes, etc. If a moded I4 can run a 14.1 and a stock V6 runs a 14.5.. let them go at it. Instead of Bracketing your cars, just bracket the times they register/sign up for. When they go through tech, they can just put it on their window. "#50 - 9" Car# - Time Bracket.

just a suggestion or thought.
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