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Originally Posted by StreetRage320 View Post
I have been on the fence on this issue for awhile now. All stated above is accurate. There's two things that sort of scare me:
1) I like to keep thing simple, clean, reliable, etc. there are add-on pumps you can buy that will provide the additional fuel flow/pressure. I don't really like that. I would much rather just increase the fuel pump displacement as needed. However, that requires either dropping the fuel tank or cutting a hole in the back seat.
2) lastly, I do not daily drive my car. I have read stories about E-85's ability to pull in moisture (water) and leaving the E-85 sit for extended periods of time in the injectors causing potential injector issues.

All in all, I think it is a great mod for the reason mentioned above, and I will probably move in that direction if for nothing else I do not like the smell of catless 93 octane, better cooling, more HP, and burns cleaner..

this is why im going with the 4 innovations twin pump set up with fuel rails..
i dont want to drill a hole in my gas tank, pulling the tank is not that hard,just takes awhile.
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