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Arrow All order status requests in here (up to status 3800). List of Order Status Codes.

Welcome to the order tracking thread. Please remember, if it's a Canadian order, we can't check it here in the US. Also, we cannot check beyond 3800 (for that, reference this thread --

Please make sure you have the 6 digit workbench order number (ie. NH4VBW), and there is no "O" or "o" only "0"

This is not an automated system, just post your order number in this thread.

The following are the order status codes:

1000 Order On Hold at Dealership
1100 Order Placed at Dealership
1101 Order Entered into System
1102 Order Entered via Web
2000 Order Accepted by Chevrolet
2001 Order Generated to Dealer
2005 Order Replaced with GM Prospec Order
2030 Order Edited by Chevrolet
2050 Order Changed
2500 Order Preferenced (or "Picked Up" or "Imaged"), Sent to Production
3000 Order Accepted by Production Control
3100 Order Available to Sequence (now becomes more stable)
3300 Order Selected and Scheduled for Production by Assembly Plant (Target Production Week usually available now)
3400 Order Broadcasted for Production (Internal Plant Order Produced)
3800 Vehicle Produced
4000 Vehicle Available to Ship
4104 Bailment Invoice Created
4B00 Bayed ("B", not 8)
4106 Bailment Released
4150 Vehicle Invoiced (Dealer Billed)
4200 Vehicle Shipped
4300 Intermediate Delivery
4V03 Estimated Delivery Date
4800 Rail Ramp Unload
5000 Vehicle Delivered to Dealer
6000 Vehicle Delivered to Customer
9000 Order Cancelled

"All information provided beyond this point is for entertainment purposes only. Neither BeckyD@RodgersChevrolet nor may be held accountable for any errors or discrepencies in information provided, as all information is being provided from an outside source. Use of this information is voluntary, and is not meant to replace any or all info provided from your originating dealership. Once again, you dealership has the final word. Thank you"

As always, you should check with your dealer first.
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