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Thinking about Supercharging, have qestions

So I'm thinking about getting my Camaro SS supercharged and I have some questions. I already got a quote from my dealership now I'm just trying to decide if supercharging is the route I want to go.

I'm thinking about going with SLP's new TVS 2300 s/c kit. My questions are:
  1. Will I be okay running my CAI intake, ported TB, and catback using just the tune from SLP? (I know a custom tune is definitely recommended)
  2. If I will need a custom tune for all my bolt-on mods listed above, can I at least run the ported tb and catback exhaust using SLP's tune without any issues?
  3. How reliable is this kit?
  4. Can I run the 3.91 gears with a supercharger or is it best to run stock gearing?
Thanks in advance!
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