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Originally Posted by Havok View Post
I believe we do have an excise tax, or they will be putting it on us soon. And I'd pay 10% sales tax to buy my camaro (wouldn't if it was say a dvd though). I've been paying this 7% sales tax since as far back as I can remember (I'm 24) so paying it is no big whoop to me (though obviously I would like to pay 0% but that ain't going to happen). I know you guys just got the 6.5% so you might still hate paying it. State government has got to run somehow.
Not to fuel a political debate but with all due respect, your mindset is part of the problem. "State government has got to run somehow". Yes they do and they need to learn how to do it with less. Instead it is we citizens who have to figure out how to make do with less and less and less and continue our acquiescence to their lack of respect for our wallets? Our tax rates continue to rise and so does inflation. You do the math. If we all had to sit down and write a check out at the end of the year for all the taxes we pay, we all would be electing different people into office.

I'll step off of my soapbox now....

Onto the subject at hand. Owning a 2LT RS, I can't say I'd never sell it because I know down the road it's not going to be as special as a V8. I'll keep it for as long as I can, mod it as much as I can get away with modding it and when it's worn out, I'll go from there I guess.

I may pull the trigger on a 'vert down the road. Not sure if I'll do the V8 though. I'll give it another year to see what kind of boost options are available for the V6.

I will say that I absolutely love my Camaro (and the subsequent culture that goes with it.) This from a staunch import owner of many years.
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