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Originally Posted by 2ndgenz28 View Post
OffRoad Mojave Rally crash n deaths

So what are folks thoughts on this not so new, news story.

I think its pretty common knowledge that folks who goto rally events stand way to close to the "track" which is a dirt path or country road that can't be fenced like a real track or rules enforced as it just to long.
And folks often get run over or real close.

Some on the nat news said this driver has been there before and should of know to slow down as the rules say, you must go 15MPH or less if your within 50ft of people. but no question of the trucks before him who were going just as fast but didn't wipe out.

Though I can see some sides of it as the only reason NASCAR events have those big fences is to keep the fans off the track. Other wise folks would be right down on the wall, hang off and over it to try and slap 5 with Jeff Gorden as he goes by at 185.

"According to the Associated Press, a BLM statement said the sanctioning body was responsible for safety at the event. The permit required racers to travel 15 mph or less when they were within 50 feet of fans and stipulated a maximum of 300 spectators."
If this race is like most I`ve gone to, somewhere on the ticket there is a disclaimer stating that the event organizers are not responsible for any injuries.
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