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Originally Posted by besherman View Post
Now, give us a ZL1 CONVERTIBLE---PLEASE!
Yes, Please offer a ZL1 Convertible. I will definitely buy one.

Originally Posted by DevilKnightFalcon View Post
Don't hold your breath on that one. There has not been anywhere near the demand for a convertible as there has been for an automatic.
The number of convertibles of a model that are sold are rarely as many as the number of coupes that are sold, but that doesn't stop auto manufacturers from offering convertibles. Chevrolet will not sell as many LT and SS convertibles as coupes, but a convertible model is still offered for the LT and SS.

Originally Posted by okyankee View Post
but there is a gt500 convertible, so i would not rule it out. i am a hardtop guy myself.
Yes, if the ZL1 is going to compete with the GT500 on all levels, a ZL1 convertible must be offered.
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