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Originally Posted by blackZbandit View Post
You know, I though about doing all matte black w/ gloss black stripes, but I'm concerned with how to care for the paint. Some places say you just wash/dry matte paint and go, some say you need to be very careful with it. I'm also concerned with the matte hiding too many body lines or making the car look like it's got a primer job on it, although this pic gives me some hope:

But then... that's a Ferrari.
Yeah I plan on reading up on how to take care of it. As for the body lines, I am not too worried they are bold enough to show even through the matte black paint. If you get it done right it wont have that primer look that I dont want either. And as for that Ferrari...that is a vinyl job. Looks really clean too. I want mine to turn out that exact same matte black.
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