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Originally Posted by SSinatra Andretti View Post
what was so bad?
Its a long one but here it is...........

First I had them (Goodyear) order the tires a week and a half ago so that I knew Fri they would be able to put them on, well they didn't order them and then tried to charge me extra shipping (I didn't let them) to get them here so that they could install them yesterday. We got up there yesterday at noon the sales guy calls me half an hour later and asks where my new TPMS stems are at, they apparently do not stock them and I'm assuming that all cars that require them must purchase them and bring them to the tire shop if they get new tires never heard of such bull crap. They said they were closing at 4 so I drove to Firestone 45 minutes away and picked up the stems (luckily I know the guy there and he didn't charge me for them), took them back and dropped them off. At 3:30 they hadn't called me so we drove up there and they were still mounting the tires on the rims and by the way this takes two guys to do at this tire shop. The sales guy come out and hands my husband the TPMS sensor for the right front tire and said his guy broke the stem we had to drive all over to pick up and that they will order a new one and have it Mon for me to come back up, at this point my husband notices that the jacka$$ that was working on my car had it lifted by the rocker panels He was livid luckily no damage was done that we have seen so far. Well FINALLY at 5:00 the guy pulls the car out of the bay and parks it, I asked him about the stems hitting the parking brake line or whatever line they hit and he said nah its not hitting anything I took care of it. Well I settle my bill and go to drive off and as I back out I kept hearing a thumping noise, stopped the car got out and look and the jacka$$ didn't do crap to tie the line back like we asked so I go back in and he said well it wasn't hitting it so I didn't do it, you dumba$$ how can you tell me it was not hitting it I drove it 5 feet and you can see the marks where it was hitting it!!!! Anyways that is my story of bad day at the tireshop. Next time I will just stick with my dad's shop even though his price was $200 more, I know my car would have been taken care of a hell of a lot better!
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