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Originally Posted by 2010 SS RS View Post
Oh cool...I did not see overdrive and if I did it just did not register. So you rebuilt the bottome end but kept everything stock? And what failures did you see the first go round? Man I cant wait to see what you do with the new gears. Must be nice to be so close to Ted.....I have bought a ton of great parts thru him.
All we found was a lifter failure. That's all. But we totally stripped the entire engine done so Ted could inspect it and have his guy rebuild it his way. Ted say no need to get crazy with the bottom right now. It was still brand new. If something happens I'll address it then but I really want to see how far we can go on the stock bottom.

And yes, it's awesome to have Ted 10 minutes away. I showed up at one today, he said go home and get your car, and by three I had the new rear, trailing arms and 1400 hp axles in and on the road. Oh yeah, he redid the trans tune. Sure made my life easier!!
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