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See, that's confusing. The website is blending factory and dealer installed options.

Here's what I've noticed while playing around with it:

1. The high-wing spoiler is available only on the LS and LT models and only with the colors Black, CGM, Victory Red, and RJT.
2. Hood and Hockey Stripes are only available on that site in White, CGM, and Black, but for all trim levels.
3. Rally Stripes are strange. Obviously you can't put the same color stripe on like paint colors. For the LS, 1LT & 1SS you can get Black, CGM, IOM, Silver, and White Rally Stripes. But for the 2LT & 2SS it only offers Black, IOM and Silver.
4. RJT (along with the RS package) is not available on the LS. But I'm pretty sure everyone already knew this.
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