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Sorry for the delay, life here is busy in the sticks.
The cars-
My brother got me started with the 4th Gens. I fell in love with the LT1 (didn't know any better then, ha ha), and the 6 speed. While not a convertable fan, I think the lines on a conv. are so much sweeter. Any way. Got back from the Gulf after 911, and bought the '99. Loved it. Mainly stock, it's got a SLP airlid, free air mods, Diablo tune, Fowmaster exaust, 35th aniv. stripes (yellow, a first), and a set of 'Vette magnisium wheels. A buddy liked it so much, we bought him a '95 B4C, but he's a large guy, and didn't fit well. Car was forgotten and neglected. Lasted for @6 months, and I bought it from him. Trying to find the Chevy Police vehicle badge (or get a set made), and show it. This spring, while looking for a shell to make a road racer I found the other '95. It's got all kinds of go fast goodies- I couldn't let it go- Lloyd Elliot heads, headers, elec. waterpump, 58mm T.B., the K&N FPIK, reflashed ECM, new cluth, subrame connecters, shock tower brace, etc... paid @ $4,000. AND, I found my dream car, the '67, which is stoch with the 'Glide. Don't care for it (the 'Glide), but that's a project for later.
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