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Originally Posted by Milkman20 View Post
so, i've been thinking about getting a cam for my L99 but i was told that i need a stall converter, which im guessing is a stall torque converter which ive never heard of. someone tell me if this is right, or whats the deal with installing a cam on an L99. thanks for the help.

Swapping out the Torque Convertor in your Auto Transmission for a higher stall RPM is needed so the idle can be raised up to keep your car from stalling out. If you didn't change the TC you would have to stand on the brake at stop lights to keep the car from moving forward as the idle will be set shigher.

As some said you can get a small cam and keep the stock convertor, but I would recommend getting one. Even without a cam a TC is the best bang for your buck in the L99. Also your Diablo is pretty much worthless on an L99 since it will not tune the transmission and that's the best part of an L99 tune.

Hope this helps...
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