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Originally Posted by Milkman20 View Post
yea that was kind of a waste to buy cause i don't use it, i got it professionally tuned before i put my headers on. if you look in my sig there is a video of me getting it professionally tuned and he didn't use the diablosport. he did a really good tune also, but i got headers so i have to get it retuned, but i think ill wait for my cam for a year or so i can get the best one for whatever SC ill buy.
I think that's a good call. I had my cam installed at the same time as my blower.

Also, don't think that I was preaching against a stall. I was just saying that it's not required. Mlee was exactly right about all the benefits, and as you can see in my sig I have one as well. I actually installed mine before my SC, as it is definitely the best bang for the buck.
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