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Performance vs Presence

Was having a debate with my wife last night and thought I would bring it to you lot.

I have a laundry list of mods I still want to do on the car. Some cosmetic (rockers, splitter etc) and some performance based (CAI, exhaust etc). Now, I am trying to do them simultaniously, a little here and a little there, but my wife asked, "If you don't intend to race, why wouldn't you do the cosmetic stuff first and make the car look the way you want before worrying about performance mods? People SEE those, no one will know about the performance mods except you?" I replied with, "The car speaks for itself visually, I am looking forward to the little extra performance, better sound in my exhaust note etc."

We went back and forth with this for a while. I still intend to do them both in tandum, but I am curious about you guys. Did or do you place more emphasis on aesthetics or performance? Hypothetically, would you prefer to have a BEAST running 9's that looked like crap (Not that any camaro could look like crap, this is hypothetical) or a showpiece that barely edges out a prius? (Again hyperbole used for effect lol)..
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