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Originally Posted by Ladyz28 View Post
So as the nicer weather has approached here in MA, I have been seeing more and more 5th gens around. I love it, I haven't seen alot of the color combo's in person and get excited like a kid at christmas when I see another on the road. So far, I have not gotten 1 wave, thumbs up, headlight blink, nothing. Ok, 1 and only 1 so far....I have a nice commute in the morning through Easton to W. B'water and then to Brockton. Today I was on 106 in W. B'Water by the P.D. late afternoon and drove slowly by a IOM and nothing from the other driver....Am I just over excited to see another? I have run across some in the B' Waters, Easton, Taunton, Raynham, and Brockton.
The same thing has happend to me , I was driving through lexington on friday morning flashed my lights when I passed a yellow SS and got nothing back .
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