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well i had to come over and check this thing out...
Not too bad...but i'm tired of saying that I hate those tail I'll just leave it at that.
Its not the car for me....the reason i bought a ZL1 is because it still looks a bit retro...
in my opinion, this is just a beefed up ZL1 with half the looks.
This is Chevy's attempt to knock the socks off a Shelby Mustang...I highly doubt they will achieve this. Look at the sacrifices they had to do to try this...I mean, NO RADIO????
lol what the hell is the fun of driving without a radio?? Again, not the car for me...its a crying stab at trying to beat a Ford....sorry but this is how I see it.
Just put all the options in it and let the customer bring it to a high performance shop and do their stuff if you want to beat a Ford. I like the paint job though...but they'll probably end up saying that this is just for the prototype and not available to the general public... mark my words. lol
and those seats are killer! The tires and rims are not something to be desired as well...
put it this way, if I never bought a camaro in 2012 and one in 2013 and I had to settle for this stuff...I would have definitely bought a mustang, I'm serious. Their design team needs to be fired, seriously. Its not too often that something bothers me on this forum but I would have loved for the z28 to be a touch more retro and a little less honda prelude...sorry

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