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Unhappy 21-inch wheels


i'm owner of the 2012 camaro transformers special edition (european version).

on september 2011 i ordered the camaro and i took the add-screen 21-inch wheels too:

view the second page:

On april 2012 i received the european certificate for import the car on Switzerland but unfortunately wasn't display the 21-inch wheels but only the 20-inch wheel.

Chevrolet Switzerland help me contacting the DTC (swiss dynamic test center) and they give me a document that indicate all tolerance from 19-inch to 22-inch that the camaro can mount.
But this document should be present at the swiss immatriculation department with a prove that the wheels are for the camaro and not other gm car

Unfortunately asking at Chevrolet Italy, Chevrolet Europe, and they cannot give me a document prove because the european camaro has homologate with only the 19-inch and 20-inch wheels.

The swiss matriculation department and the swiss dynamic test center told me that if i have a GM or Chevrolet USA document i can mount without problem the 21-inch.

i contacted the GM USA support but they answer me that cannot help me because i'm not a USA resident and only the chevrolet customer that reside in USA can be helped with the gm usa support.

For complete the 21-inch wheels matriculation i need one of those document:

1] GM or Chevrolet USA write an official document that those 21-inch wheels can be mount on my camaro (2012 type GMX521)


2] GM USA give me an official document with all wheels technical data, in particular the load index (it's only the technical data miss because isn't write directly on the wheel...)

anyone can help me?

Thank you
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